The Canola Process


The majority of seed is harvested in the Riverina Region. It’s then brought to our facility where it is cleaned & separated from admix

Expeller Pressing & Extraction

The seed is heated to approx. 80°C & runs through a flaker. This presses the seed flat & increases the surface area for maximum oil recovery. The flakes are then run through a secondary heating process (approx. 108°C). This helps increase the viscosity of the oil, encouraging it to come to the surface and making it easier to expel the oil in the 800 Tonne press.


The crude oil is processed to remove impurities and volatile components through an optimized refini ng processes ensures optimal taste, aroma, stability, appearance and nutritional value of the final product.

Quality Control

Samples are tested in the lab and processes adjusted accordingly to ensure specifications are met.

Quality Assurance

Samples of the final product are taken and tested to ensure it meets the highest food safety standards


The oil is loaded into bladders, IBCs or road tankers for our export markets and domestic customers.

Why Riverina Oils


State-of-the-art fully-integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant

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in the Riverina Region

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We cater for bulk, foodservice and farming industries

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