Canola Meal

100% Australian

Responsibly sourced in the Riverina Region

Excellent Amino Acid Profile

A key source of protein for livestock

Trusted by Australians Nationally

Versatile for use across all livestock

100% Australian

Our canola seed is responsibly sourced in the Riverina region, NSW by local growers. The quality of our seed guarantees premium canola meal.

Feeding Australia’s Livestock

Riverina Oils is proud to supply to over 100 of Australia’s livestock producers with our Non GMO canola meal. We operate consistently across the year to ensure constant supply for our domestic customers.

Excellent Amino Acid Profile

Digestibility of amino acids are key to the value of protein meals for livestock. Our canola meal is high in Lysine and Methionine, two key amino acids and low in starch and residual oil, making it easy to digest.


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