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State-of-the-art fully-integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant

Strategic Riverina

Ensuring fresh oil every delivery

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We cater for bulk, foodservice and farming industries

100% Australian

Our seed is locally sourced

Our Facility

In 2013, we built a state-of-the-art fully-integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant with a crushing capacity of 200,000 tonnes of oilseed annually which is Certified Non GM Canola.

Every year our plant has the potential to produce over 80,000 tonnes of high quality refined vegetable oil for the food industry and 110,000 tonnes of premium canola protein meal for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industry.

Located In the Agricultural Hub of the Riverina

Strategically located in the Riverina Region, our canola seed is locally, grown and sourced. Our facility is also in close proximity to Australia’s two largest export ports, Sydney and Melbourne. Providing our customers with the fresh, Australian canola oil.

Suitable For Your Industry

We supply bulk oil for domestic and export buyers, foodservice formats for the Australian hospitality industry and canola meal for livestock. Explore our range of canola products to suit our buyer’s needs.

100% Australian

We pride ourselves on producing a quality Australian product. That’s why we source 100% of our canola seed from local farmers and growers within the Riverina region.

Known as one of the most productive and diverse agricultural regions in the country, we’re proud to be a part of this agricultural basin.


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